Transforming Fear Into Amazing Success

Ending the pain

crisis tape

releasing anger

 When somebody tells you that you have no right to feel angry about something. its like saying that you have no right to have a headache. Anger is a natural and very liberating emotion when it is appropriately expressed. Repressed anger on the other hand, is lethal. Please listen to this very liberating recording about anger and use the techniques of the anger letter or the anger tape (Recoding) to free and heal yourself. I use these techniques almost every day

Forgive yourself!

 Dear Friends Self forgiveness and self love are at the core of spiritualty. please listen to this recording My Friend Vickie Is writing book she asked me to make a blog for her book and to publish some parts of it.

welcome to my healing blog!

Dear firneds, Welcome to my healing blog! I want to intruduce you to Lazaris. Lazaris has changed my life. Heres a link to a few dozen Lazaris recodings Inorder to undersantd the foundation of Lazaris's teaching please start with the following recordings: